There’s no use fighting what comes naturally in autumn

Don't worry children, it won't hurt a bit...

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Sometimes, resistance is futile.

With the return of Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor, Spooks and Downton Abbey, the autumn TV schedule is already starting to look like a big, warm, hug that I’m more than happy to dive right into the middle of.

Yes, I could go out, have a life and do something more interesting than stare at the goggle-box.

But then I’d miss all the pretty dresses, off-key warblers, plots about Russians coming in from the cold and society scandals.

Let’s face it, watching TV is the human equivalent of hibernating. We’re bedding down for the winter and stuffing our cheeks with snacks in the process.

Yes, we’ll soon be two stone heavier. But that’s what Jane Fonda was invented for.