There’s no way we’d suffer so much pain to look good

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It never fails to amaze me the lengths women go to in order to look nice.

Let’s face it, we fellas really appreciate it, but we wouldn’t be prepared to suffer such pain ourselves.

Let’s start with the process known as waxing. The excruciating procedure of having tiny, virtually invisible hairs ripped out from legs and other areas of the body for the sake of soft and smooth skin.

When you consider it’s the trend for men to display facial stubble now, waxing is the last thing on our minds (unless you’re David Beckham).

Then there’s the female visit to the hairdressers.

This time, the pain comes from the purse, with well over £100 being parted with to have hair styled, straightened or permed and then maybe coloured.

For men, it’s a 10-minute trip to the barbers and if it’s over a tenner it results in a moan (unless you’re David Beckham).

Luckily for men, wearing shirts that are not tucked in but loose and baggy is still in fashion.

The casual look, we call it.

We don’t have to squeeze into Spandex to be able to wear that lovely figure-hugging dress.

The only tight thing about us during a night out is our spending.

Let’s not forget nails, eyebrows, the tone of our skin and accessories to complement the aforementioned.

Boy, it’s an expensive world when you’re a woman.

All this, though, pales into insignificance when it comes to footwear.

The hours spend trawling the shops to find the perfect pair of shoes to wear that match certain outfits.

Then these carefully-chosen shoes are so ill-fitting that toes are uncomfortably squashed together.

This causes bunions and the inability to walk properly, let alone run!

As a result, those feet are now as tough as a builder’s and the resulting pressure on ankles and knees can cause osteoarthritis.

And let’s not forget the shortening of the calf muscles.

Then again, us men do like to wear football boots and kick an inflated pig skin (and each other) around an open field in all weathers for an hour-and-a-half.