There’s only one thing for it - put her in the guest room

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Apparently my snoring is getting out of control and after several nights of broken sleep for my wife, a solution needs to be found.

Now I’ve always been adamant that I don’t snore. In fact, I wake frequently to the high-pitched hum that my wife expels on a nightly basis.

But she insists I do and I have to accept she’s telling the truth.

Maybe it’s something to do with my pillows? Do I need more or less head support to help with the angle of my airwaves?

What makes it even worse for my long-suffering other half, Sarah, is that our now three-month-old son Freddie, who is still sleeping in our room, is also a snorer.

This though, is the cutest of snores. Far from waking from her slumber in irritation, she has a glowing smile of love for our cute bundle of joy.

Anyway, enough of the baby stuff, back to my overnight impression of a hippopotamus.

I know what it’s like to be stuck in a room with a snorer.

On trips away with friends, I’ve always seemed to be the one who ends up sharing with a master snorer.

One time in particular sticks in my mind.

After driving 13 hours through France and finally arriving in Barcelona at 1am, I had the misfortune to discover that my ‘roomie’ Mike could actually drown out the sound of Concorde taking off with his snoring.

Then on my stag do, my brother-in-law James kept me awake most of the night as the noise made me think we had a hyena in the room with us.

So what do I do? Could losing a bit of weight and exercising more help?

I don’t actually think size matters in this instance as my brother-in-law is as lean as a racing greyhound.

Nope, there’s only one thing for it – Sarah is going to have to sleep in the spare room.

The main bedroom can be for the snorers of the house, i.e. the males, and she can have the guest room.

Let’s face it, all her clothes, make-up and beauty products, including three pairs of GHDs, are already in there, so it’s pretty much her room already!