There's nothing wrong with kissing children on the lips

Who reading this kisses their children on the lips?

Friday, 22nd July 2016, 6:01 am

I’d say most parents, or aunties and uncles or grandparents I know do just that.

They give big kisses of affection to their kiddiewinks and what the heck is wrong with that?

Well, according to some it is ‘sexualising’ children.

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This has come after Victoria Beckham posted a photo on Instagram of her kissing her daughter on the lips in celebration of her birthday.

Vic, like the rest of us, was probably more than slightly shocked by the response.

Personally, I think it’s outrageous that someone would even suggest that this is wrong. I mean, seriously?

How can an affectionate kiss from a parent to their child be seen as anything other than that?

Thankfully, many people took to social media to support Vic, posting pics of them kissing their own children.

To show my solidarity with my buddy Vic, the pic on the right is my stunning niece Hollie, who always gets a big kiss from her aunty Chezzy.

Talking of family bonds, it was my sister Jo’s 40th on Wednesday.

Despite going away to Bulgaria for a girlie week and going to a music festival last Saturday at the Woodman pub in Purbrook for her birthday, we went out on her actual birthday.

It was only to the Red Lion in Horndean, but it was funny because I had ordered masks of her face. So when she walked into the pub we were all standing there with these masks on, which totally freaked out her kids.

The only thing Jo was concerned about was the fact it wasn’t the best photo of her! How very vain, lol.

She looked straight at me and said: ‘You’re responsible for this, aren’t you?’

How did she know? It was a great night and it was nice to see my sister have the focus on her for a change, because apparently when you have kids it becomes all about them – great.

So happy birthday big sister, a pain in my butt but one of my best friends. Looking good for an old bird!


You must have been living under a rock if you’ve yet to hear the latest in the ongoing argument between Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

It comes after the release of his controversial song Famous, which allegedly features some derogatory comments about Taylor.

Naturally, Taylor hit out accusing him of this and that and the fact she didn’t know about the song.

In support of her husband, Kim then releases a video that was a recording of Kanye and Taylor where Kanye is telling her about the song and it seems she’s more than happy with it.

Now there’s a huge row about the fact Taylor didn’t know she was being recorded.

All rather pathetic to be honest.


Congratulations to Pippa Middleton after it was revealed she had become engaged to hedge fund manager James Matthews.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister confirmed the news on Monday and I think it’s fabulous – I shall eagerly await my invitation!

I do think it’s sad that, since the announcement, people have been constantly talking about the fact that Pippa’s wedding will be more expensive than her sister’s, how she wears a more expensive watch and how her life will be, well, better.

Is there not more important news to discuss than pitting one sister against the other in terms of who is the wealthiest and has the better life?

Surely Kate is just happy for her sister? Perhaps some journalists should rethink what they consider news.