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We hope that brave Sam Roonan soon gets the break he deserves in life. We hope too that brothers George and James Davison can one day enjoy the comfort of not having to take a range of drugs every day.

The three youngsters featured on our Agenda pages today are, like so many others, afflicted with cystic fibrosis.

George and James are only just reaching the age at which they can understand that they face bigger challenges in life than most children.

Their parents are already working tirelessly to raise money for research into the condition which has now become the dominant factor in the family’s life.

We can only imagine the shock of discovering in one cruel blow that both boys have the condition.

And we can only admire the way in which they have reacted positively in the face of that trauma, determined to do the best for their children and for others in a similar predicament.

It is a strength of spirit also exemplified by 12-year-old Sam and his family.

He beamed a big smile for our photographer – typical of the outlook of a young man who is showing dogged determination to overcome his problems.

Sam knows though that there is no drug to cure cystic fibrosis. Perhaps one day there will be one that far more effectively alleviates the effects of the condition, thanks to the fundraising efforts of so many families across the land.

In the meantime, he must hope for a lung transplant. It would, as he says, make a huge difference to his young life. At present he is taking more than 50 tablets each and every day, although that has not stopped him from taking part in sports and other activities.

The families we feature today have told their stories as part of Cystic Fibrosis Week, designed to raise awareness of the year-round struggle to find the breakthrough that will help youngsters like Sam, George and James.

We hope that readers are moved to donate generously to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and to think again about carrying a donor card that might one day give someone a new start in life.