These events should make all of us very proud indeed

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What a weekend it has been.

We’ve seen some fantastic events taking place on our patch over the last two days and each and every one of them sums up just what is so good about living in this area.

The Portsmouth Festivities came to a spectacular conclusion last night, proving that hard work and effort really does pay off.

A carnival procession was a great way to bring proceedings to an end and the fireworks at Castle Field were stunning.

The festivities is an event that goes from strength to strength each year and we’re certain that it will continue long in to the future.

Given the right time, resources and support, we can all make it something to really look forward to.

We’re sure people in Paulsgrove and Leigh Park had lots of fun at their carnivals too and those in Gosport also got to celebrate what their town is all about.

Our Armed Forces were also celebrated down at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard with an event that brought people from all over our area together.

It’s at times like these when it is right to sit back and reflect properly on what a great achievement it really is to bring the community together.

Communities are vital and that’s something we celebrate with our We Can Do It campaign.

We’re also proud to support the festivities and give the many other events that went on at the weekend – and those throughout the rest of the year – our backing.

Now that the parties are over and the organisers are looking back on what they’ve achieved, we should all take a moment to think about what it means to live, work and play in our own communities.

Thousands of people were brought together over the course of Saturday and Sunday and that’s not something that happens by accident.

It took a lot of planning, some serious determination and a lot of skill and effort.

To those involved on the planning side we say thanks for your hard work. And to all of you who enjoyed an event, we say see you there next year!