These shows are priceless telly gems

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Folks, if it’s a choice between kneading my dumplings or rolling around in dust bunnies under the bed looking for fanily heirlooms, I’d go for the latter option every time.

There’s a plethora of cookery and antique programmes on the gogglebox, from Masterchef to Antiques Roadshow. But I’m addicted to BBC’s Bargain Hunt and Celebrity Antique Road Trip.

Possibly because both involve the adorable, quintessential Englishman Tim Wonnacott, with his jaunty straw hat and dickie bow tie.

I may not know my Spode from my Crown Derby, dear. But then neither do some of the antique experts, with the odd dodgy valuation which I find hilariously entertaining.

I’ve heard a whisper that Auntie Beeb may be cutting back on antique shows. But compared to some dross, they are priceless gems.