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Another day, another scandal. And yes, this one revolves, again, around those who work in the Houses of Parliament. The Daily Mail has discovered, via a Freedom of Information request, the websites which have been accessed via Parliamentary computers – and the reading isn’t pretty.

When I was a civil servant all inappropriate sites – and lots of appropriate ones which I needed for my work – were barred from my computer.

I needed to undergo a complex process and make a series of requests to access sites like, for example, BBC news.

But, seemingly, those who decree the way in which the civil service (and the rest of us) operates have unfettered access to, and use, all sorts of websites which have nothing to do with running the country.

Apart from the porn and dating sites, I was gobsmacked to read about Ocado being the top supermarket website.

Not gobsmacked that it was a Waitrose affiliated company, but that people are sitting there doing their grocery shopping online.

John Lewis appeared on the list as well as Amazon, Next and M&S.

Next time you hear an MP banging on about saving the High Street, ask them if they put their money where their mouth is. How much shopping do they do in shops, let alone locally?

I did giggle to see that was also on the list. This website tracks what our MPs are up to, how effective they’re being.

Which, if they’re spending time checking this website, is not very.

The top site accessed though, was Facebook. Seriously. That makes me despair.

Social networking may be important to the masses, but I would hope that those in charge would rise above it and spend their time engaged in more serious pursuits.

What relevance does Facebook hold that it needed to be accessed more than two million times in 14 months?

Surely this is a sign of insecurity, needing to check in all the time to see if you’ve been noticed, if anyone has commented on your top idea for governing the nation, or if there are enough ‘likes’ for a new policy.