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Child refugees: more cash is needed from the government

COMMENT: Government needs to dig deep to find extra cash

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Last Saturday, three cheeky chaps approached me as I sat sipping cappuccino in the afternoon sun and one of them blurted out: ‘You teaches Zumba, don’t ya?’

Yes folks, your over 60, overweight but deliciously over-the-top Goddess of the Saturday column is a Zumba fitness instructor – more of that later.

To be honest, as an only child brought up in predominantly adult company, I don’t really have a rapport with pre-teens, especially in these modern times when I find a lot of youngsters irritatingly ill-mannered.

But Thomas, Sam and Ashley – although extremely opinionated and outspoken (takes one to know one dear) – were a delight to chat to.

All three had parents that had parted, but they had such a positive attitude to life.

As they merrily meandered off I smiled to myself, there go sons that any parent would be proud of.

Now to more sons and daughters and the pupils of King Richard School in Paulsgrove.

King Richard’s is struggling with crippling repair bills.

Having to find funds may possibly result in some staffing cuts.

So come on government give them some funding – Paulsgrove needs its school.

I was invited to King Richard’s about eight years ago.

I’d had a toot in my column about badly-behaved kids and The News received lots of e-mails from indignant pupils saying that not all youngsters were bad.

So off I tootled to face the pupils. As I was leaving I asked where the queue of older pupils were going.

I was told they were off to a talk from a prison warder from Kingston Prison. Well I was gobsmacked.

And finally...back to Zumba.

News columnist Zella Compton told us last week that she was left totally exhausted after taking her first-ever Zumba class.

All I will say is hang in there honey, it gets easier.

I have women from 16 to 73 (yes, 73) and the odd fella in my Zumba classes – and they love it.