They might be bonkers, but my fun-filled family are fab

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It’s no secret that my family likes to party. It’s what we do best.

There’s a joke among my relatives and friends that someone only has to sneeze in my family and we all go out to celebrate.

The family is so large, taking into consideration the sheer number of ‘extended family’ we have – which includes friends who are more than just buddies – that we’re out together pretty much every month.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love it.

Give me the choice of going out anywhere and I’ll always choose to spend it with ‘my lot’.

This is probably because they’re all a little bonkers and nothing at all like some traditional family set-ups.

Take last weekend for example.

It was my dad’s birthday. It wasn’t a particularly special number, just a birthday, but in true Gibbs’s style, my sister arranged for everyone to go around to her’s for a BBQ.

But this time there was a little twist.

Her next door neighbours, with whom she’s really friendly, have been away on holiday and they have an outdoor pool.

You can see where this is going...

Well, we decided to turn our little birthday shenanigans into a pool party.

Don’t worry, my sister asked their permission first – guide’s honour.

They gave her a key to their house (which was stunning by the way) and we all partied around their outdoor pool.

It was fantastic.

By the time darkness fell we went next door to my sister’s for the BBQ and used their new decking area as a dance floor and we quite literally partied until the early hours.

Man, I do love my family.

What I love about us is that it doesn’t matter where we are or how much money any of us has got.

As long as we’re all together we will have a blast and boy did we have just that.

It was such a fab night and thank you to my sister’s neighbours for making it extra special

We did have a whip round for a bunch of flowers for them to say a big thank you which, knowing my sister, will be delivered to them approximately this time next year.