They need a Doc Marten up the derriere

NEWS COMMENT: If we must have police cuts we need to know exactly why

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Folks, wouldn’t you just love to give them a swift Doc Marten up the derriere? I’m on about supermarket automated tills and automated phone machines.

Aaaarggh. Both of them drive me bonkers.

I’ve tried using self-service checkouts, but they’re far too temperamental for me.

I can’t be doing with a machine giving me instuctions, me following them, and then, if I don’t do it perfectly, the machine refusing to carry on.

Supermarkets maintain that these machines benefit us. Yeah right. Nothing to do with the millions of pounds it’s saving them in wages.

Meanwhile everyone I know who uses automated phone machines are left a gibbering wreck. All the different options, then the voice states ‘all our operators are busy’.

‘ Holding on’ using a premium rate number is costing you loadsa dosh.