They need a wash, so turn the water cannon on them

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So the election result was a bit of a shock – so much so that since then, people who didn’t like a Tory victory have been taking to the streets of London to protest.

It really is quite pathetic. There has been a democratic vote, someone won and someone lost. This is how a democracy works.

When it’s all blown over they’ll scuttle on back to mummy and daddy’s six-bedroom house in the shires

These people want to live in a democratic society, yet take to the streets when they lose. Oh, the irony of it.

And now there’s a lot rubbish being spouted by people on the internet, conspiracy theories about ‘lost’ ballot papers and moaning about how some people had pencils and other people had pens.

This isn’t Zimbabwe or some other Third World country where they’d let animals vote if it meant the right man got into power.

While we’re on the subject of election protests, a Second World War memorial was defaced with foul language.

But this sort of thing won’t win you any support. The people doing this are a disgrace.

I believe you can protest without disrespecting the names of those who fought and died for this country.

To me, damaging memorials should be an instant jailable offence.

There have been some frankly ridiculous claims that agent provocateurs or undercover police sprayed the memorial.

Come off it. These people should lay off the weed as it’s clearly making them paranoid.

Some of the clips I saw of the protest were of young Eastern European girls shouting ‘Tories out’.

Hmm, they must have had a terrible time in Romania under Thatcher rule. Not.

The others involved seemed to be young people who’ve probably never worked in their lives, thinking they look counter-cultural in their dreadlocks.

But when it’s all blown over they’ll scuttle on back to mummy and daddy’s six-bedroom house in the shires.

I reckon the police need to use more force in these situations. As most of the protesters need a wash, a water cannon would be a good start.