They’re embarrassing, but could they finish off fags?

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Is anyone else baffled by the plastic e-cigarette?

I’m not a smoker and never have been. But having been born into an era where it was perfectly fine to smoke in the delivery room of a hospital (my first gasps of air in the new world were through a fug of my own father’s celebratory JPS), it seems decidedly odd to change a revolting habit to one that makes you look like a right plum.

For the majority of folk, the whole concept of walking the streets with a scrawny plastic pipe poking out from your face – making one’s head look like a giant lollipop – is just plain embarrassing.

Let’s not forget the horrendous addiction of its predecessor though.

Whilst living in Canada, I vividly remember standing inside a nightclub in Calgary, looking out on to the snow-covered street.

There stood an army of smokers all huddled together in a giant foggy plume, drawing in their toxins.

It was -32 outside, cold enough for the water on their eyeballs to start solidifying.

Yet the power of nicotine meant that these people were willing to push their bodies to the very edge of human tolerance just so they could get a quick fix.

The illnesses and side-effects attributed to smoking are well-documented.

For us, the non-smokers, common sense has meant that we no longer have to suffer at the hands of the puffers who just can’t stop.

In a social regard, the ‘fag of the future’ is a lot more acceptable.

If the individual wants to inhale a concoction of legal chemicals into their own lungs, they’re entirely at liberty to do so.

And maybe, just maybe, it could help bring the whole unpleasant smoking habit to a close.

Many moons ago, iconic images of James Dean side-saddling his Harley Davidson with a Marlboro fixed betwixt his lips would have had impressionable youngsters engrossed and wanting to copy the look.

But I reckon an e-smoker illuminating their little blue LED-light is about as chic as Jeremy Clarkson in a pair of skinny jeans.