They’re manufactured products

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Apair of Justin Bieber’s old shoes sold at auction for $62,000 in America.

I’ve always thought Justin Bieber’s shoes are a real reflection of the pop star. They’re expensive, they’re a heavily manufactured product, they have very little sole and, most of all, they‘re much better to experience when their tongue’s been pulled right out.

A report has revealed that changes to the Highway Code will be necessary to accommodate driverless cars on Britain’s roads. This will obviously mean changes to the Highway Code-based questions that you get on the theory part of your driving test.

Here are a couple of examples of the new questions:

If you’re driving at 30 miles an hour in the wet, what is your stopping distance?

Is it: A) Don’t care? B) Couldn’t give a monkeys C) Doesn’t matter, I’ll be sat reading the paper as the car will be driving itself.

On a long motorway journey, boredom could make you feel sleepy. What should you do?

A) Go to sleep B) Go to sleep C) Watch a bit of a DVD and go to sleep.

I got a burger and some chips with a mate in a restaurant the other day and something annoyed me when I came to eat them.

The chips came in a separate bowl, but it was on the same plate as the burger,.

When I picked the chips out of that bowl with my fingers and ate them, everything seemed fine. But… after a minute or two, I decided to pour the remaining chips out of the bowl and on to the same plate as the burger.

When I tried eating the chips with my fingers off the plate, my friend said it was bad manners, because you shouldn’t pick any food off a proper plate like that.

So, why, in terms of etiquette, does it seem to be okay to eat chips out of a bowl with our fingers, but not off a plate?