They really are best
days of your lives

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When you were a child I would put money on the fact that at least once a grown-up said to you ‘these are the best days of your life’.

At the time it doesn’t mean much and you wonder how being small and not able to do all the things adults can do could possibly be the best days of your life.

The great thing about being a parent is that you can re-live your childhood through your children

But of course once you get past your mid-20s you soon realise they were right and those young, carefree days were in fact the best.

Now I have reached my 30s and I’m a dad to two daughters, I’ve been hearing those words all over again, but this time they’ve been coming out of my mouth.

When I tell my daughters these are the best days of their lives, they look at me with blank faces.

But why do we look back on our younger days as being so great?

Well, of course, there are the obvious reasons of having no responsibilities, no bills to pay and your parents as your personal taxi drivers.

But there are many things my daughters can do now that they won’t be doing when they are fully-grown, so I hope they enjoy every single moment.

For example, at the ages of four and six my daughters have the ability to gather the whole family in the living room to watch them sing a song. No matter how bad their performance, they will be guaranteed a huge round of applause from their audience.

They can also inspire gushing praise from a drawing they’ve done at school even though no-one can quite work out what they’re looking at.

Then there’s the bath. They can fit their whole bodies in.

In fact they can treat it as a mini swimming pool and bathtime is less about getting clean but more about having fun.

Then there’s their bed. They have it all to themselves, so there is no fighting for a piece of the duvet every night.

Even better, they can sleep in it however they like and if they want to drift off to the land of nod sideways, well they can.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that the people who told me my childhood days were the best days of my life were telling the truth.

But the great thing about being a parent is that you can re-live your childhood through your children.

If I want to turn a bathroom towel into a cape and be a superhero, then I can.

I just do it in the privacy of my own home – and I recommend you do it too.