They should get themselves a plate that reads 2 PRAT5

Home closure will give residents some respite

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It would appear we have a dyslexic couple now occupying the Speaker’s apartments at Westminster.

The increasingly preposterous John Bercow and his appalling wife, Sally, have decided to acquire personalised number-plates – or vague variations on the theme.

This peculiar affectation has always been an excruciating exercise in personal vanity, but these two have taken it to new levels.

He has invested in B13 RCO, in the misguided belief that it is a recognisable version of his name, and she has bought S88 LYY for the same reason.

Here’s an idea which would save them money and ensure they are immediately identifiable to all passing motorists.

They should settle for one car and buy a plate which reads 2 PRAT5.