Think about the message, not the way it was delivered

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It might not be the most orthodox way of getting a message across.

But few could argue that the naked bike ride in Portsmouth is not eye-catching and, therefore, memorable.

Of course the debate can run and run as to whether a group of people riding around without any clothes on is appropriate.

As we have reported on these pages, there are strong views on either side.

But the fact remains that underneath the showiness of the ride itself is a very strong two-fold message.

One is about raising the awareness of safety for cyclists on our roads.

Few people who have ever ridden on any of this area’s busier roads will forget it in a hurry.

Cycling can leave the rider vulnerable and entirely reliant on the good driving of motorists – something we all know no-one can take from granted.

So hopefully if the ride makes only one person consider their driving when around cyclists, then that’s a success.

The other point is encouraging more people to get out of their cars and on to their 

And that’s an aim we wholeheartedly support.

The city’s roads are packed, so anything that could ease the congestion is welcome.

But more importantly, getting people out of four wheels and on to two also helps get them healthy.

Portsmouth is a very flat city and therefore perfect for cycling.

Yes, once you’re off Portsea island there may be a few more challenges but that’s all part and parcel of getting out there and rising to the challenge.

So whatever your thoughts are on the merits of the naked ride itself, why don’t you take the spirit of the message and get on your bike.

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