Thirty years after a move which rocked the airwaves

Ocean Sound broadened the listeners' horizons, leading the way to the type of station we have today

Thursday, 27th October 2016, 6:08 am
Updated Thursday, 27th October 2016, 5:23 pm
The Great South Run finish line Picture: Paul Jacobs (160271-68)

We were used to our own station, Radio Victory. ‘From the Downs, to the sea, Radio Victory’ went the jingle!

It was Portsmouth through and through, broadcasting from the studios along Fratton Road.

It was well loved and very well patronised. But things were about to change and in 1984, the IBA decided to offer a licence not only for Portsmouth, but Southampton, which up until now, had no local commercial radio station.

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Radio Victory’s plan was ambitious; to have studios in Southampton and Portsmouth, offering split programming during the day but sharing the same breakfast and drive time shows.

Sadly, the IBA felt this was too ambitious and the licence was awarded to Ocean Sound Limited, who would offer the same programming but from a single studio complex in Fareham. Much cheaper!

Chris Carnegy said Radio Victory’s goodbyes in June 1986 and the same man welcomed us to Ocean Sound in the October.

It took a while for Portsmouth to fall in love with its new station, the one it now shared with Southampton.

But in many ways it brought the cities closer together as local news was generally shared.

By 1988 the station was a resounding success in both cities and by the end of the year, something revolutionary happened – they created brands.

Ocean Sound carried on, but on other frequencies, they created The Gold AM for more mature listeners and Power FM for the youngsters.

It was this kind of foresight that won Ocean Sound the licence in the beginning and proved a massive hit, especially Power FM which became one of the most successful stations in the country and would often outperform Radio 1.

It inspired me and many others, including Scott Mills to pursue a career in the industry.

Today the radio market place is very different, but Ocean Sound broadened the listeners’ horizons, leading the way to the type of station we have today.

A dodgy takeaway scuppered my Great hopes of race glory

Well my Great South Run adventure didn’t quite go to plan. I was ready.

A nine-mile ‘warm-up’ proved to me I had the legs. I had my energy gels stuffed into my ‘fanny bag’ and separated the Vaseline and Deep Heat tubes.

I went to bed Saturday night feeling a bit ‘iffy’. By midnight, I was in all manner of trouble and spent the night either on the toilet, or in the lounge watching Match of the Day at 4am.

I spent the day either asleep or catching the odd glimpses of people running on Facebook.

I felt jealous and disappointed.

So, when I feel better, I’ll run 10 miles around Gosport to honour all my sponsors – and keep well away from Chinese food!

Disappointed that we look like we’ll miss out on Le Tour

I had a wonderful evening at the fabulous all new New Theatre Royal in the company of ITV4 Tour De France commentator Ned Boulting.

Although I’m not a bike anorak, I love the sport and was very disappointed to hear the news that one of the directors of British Cycling does not support Portsmouth’s bid for a grand depart in the city in 2019.

He says it’s illogical as Yorkshire is hosting the World Road Championships that year.

Surely the UK can host two major cycling events in one year?

Although British Cycling do not decide how the government spends its money, they won’t give it without their backing.

A dampener to a superb evening.