This app can’t beat my list - or queues

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Folks, I hate food shopping so I never go without my ‘list’.

I write it in order from the supermarket entrance and then all the aisles, so I can scoot round in about 20 minutes.

Until the supermarket has a change around and then I’m temporarily scuppered, ending up wandering up and down the aisles like a lost soul.

Now Tesco has come up with an innovative idea to help their shoppers - a supermarket satnav for your mobile phone.

On test at the moment, the app will have the store layout, so shoppers just enter their list and it will plan a fast route around the supermarket.

I don’t believe it. My list works as it uses my brain - and besides, what will supermarket satnavs do to cure long queues at the checkout?

Nothing, that’s what.