This can be a dawn of real hope for all Pompey fans

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Pompey fans have seen more than their fair share of new dawns in the past few years and not all have been filled with hopes that didn’t eventually prove to be false.

So to a degree, the welcome for the latest new owners is perhaps slightly muted in that supporters who have felt too sharply the pain of disappointment and despair will want to wait before casting final judgment.

But, we say, the signs are already looking good.

The deal by which Convers Sports Initiatives took control at Fratton Park has been long and protracted, to the point that some fans thought it would never be completed.

But it has been completed, and the length of time it took perhaps shows that no detail has been left unexamined by the club’s new owners and they have made sure they have obtained the best business deal possible before putting pen to paper.

They have replaced an owner who did not want to be at Pompey in the long-term, and that is another encouraging factor to this takeover.

We feel that many fans will be disappointed that the new men in charge have not called an immediate press conference to explain their plans in more detail and to take the many questions that fans have about the future of the club.

It would be good to see Vladimir Antonov appear soon with his fellow owners Roman Dubov and Chris Akers to discuss the future as they see it. But we feel that when they do, they will have the answers Pompey fans want to hear.

Antonov has spoken of not wanting to buy a football club for entertainment. He sees it as a simple business proposition.

That’s fine with us. Fans have huge emotion for their club and so do many chairmen and directors.

But hard-headed business acumen breeds success in any walk of life. And if Mr Antonov is to be successful off the pitch in his new venture – which after careful consideration he clearly believes he can be – then he will know that is only achievable with success on the pitch as well. Plus he’ll undoubtedly grow to love the club along the way!

Play up Pompey!