This Christmas we’ll all be sticking mints on our faces

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It’s been a week of slightly strange challenges. On Monday I spotted something in the news called the Sitting Rising Challenge, designed for the over-50s to test flexibility, strength and overall fitness.

From standing you lower yourself to the floor so you are sat down cross-legged. You then have to get back up again, but the whole manoeuvre must be done without using your hands, knees, elbows or any other body part to assist you.

From my previous experience of attempting to get Jez to try yoga, I thought it would be quite amusing if we both gave it a go.

Thanks to my extensive yoga experience I found it pretty easy, but Jez ended up rolling around on the floor like an upside-down tortoise!

You’re meant to score yourself out of 10 for how well you do, losing a point every time you lose balance or use a hand.

Apparently if you score less than three points you’re five times more likely to die in the next six years! Not good news for Jez. So if it’s me writing this entire column next week, you’ll know why.

Jez: This week I discovered the After Eight Challenge. Surely this would be my chance to get my own back following the embarrassment of the Sitting Rising Challenge?

Ex-footballer Kenny Dalglish came up with this challenge to raise money for a breast cancer charity. He is hoping it will become as popular as the Ice Bucket Challenge that everybody was doing back in the summer.

Basically, the idea is you place an After  Eight mint right in the middle of your forehead, lean your head back and then try and work the mint down into your mouth using only facial movements.

Loads of celebs have tried it and Nicky from Westlife can get the mint into his mouth in only two seconds. Kenny managed five seconds.

When I first heard about this I was very excited as it involved eating chocolate quickly – much more fun than having to sit down, cross your legs and stand up again. But each time I tried I managed to drop the mint on the floor.

Normally I tell my kids not to play with their food, but this Christmas I fear the whole family will be sticking mints on their faces.