This cult of Kate is not a healthy pursuit for anyone

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You’d think there would only be a certain amount of things worth whipping yourself into a frenzy about.

The appearance of George Clooney in your office might just about do it for some.

An extra nought that you weren’t expecting in your pay packet would almost certainly raise a cheer from most.

But finding out the name of a cocker spaniel? I think that’s officially what qualifies as a newsflash most of us could live without.

And of course, under normal circumstances, this little titbit wouldn’t register on most people’s radar.

Yet because the dog in question happens to belong to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, certain TV presenters think it’s a major story.

I nearly choked on my brew when I heard on the 10 o’clock news that the royal one had let slip the fact her pet pooch is called Lupo.

Not because it’s a daft name (although it is). But because who cares?

Yet when it comes to the woman we used to call Kate Middleton, the goalposts of interest haven’t stopped shifting since the day she and Prince William tied the knot.

This cult of Kate should alarm us all, especially as we get ready to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June.

It’s just not healthy to put one young woman under such constant scrutiny.

But wherever she goes there are people licking their lips, eager to devour an ever-more detailed rundown of what she’s been up to.

Not a week goes past without some running commentary on how shiny her hair is, where her frock comes from, or how well she’s managing to meet the public without her husband by her side.

The national media is in danger of becoming more than a little obsessed. And no matter what you think of them, the red-tops do have a canny knack of knowing what the man on the street gives a kipper about.

If I was a palace aide I’d be pulling Kate right out of the spotlight because it’s hard not to draw parallels between her and Princess Diana.

And we all know how that particular fairytale ended.