This media frenzy has taken attention away from issue

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Seriously, what is going on with the whole Benedict Cumberbatch ‘racism’ row?

What a load of baloney this whole story is.

For those of you who haven’t heard about what’s happened, the British actor was speaking on American TV about Hollywood’s diversity problem and asking how come more black actors don’t get given leading roles.

But instead of using the term ‘black’ – deemed to be more politically correct – he used the word ‘coloured’.

It upset some people and Show Racism The Red Card, the UK’s leading anti-racism charity, condemned the use of the phrase as racially inappropriate.

Cumberbatch immediately apologised and said he was ‘devastated to have caused offence’.

But the way the media has hyped this up into a frenzy and given it a ridiculous amount of attention has taken the focus away from what Cumberbatch was actually saying.

The problem in society now is that people are becoming too frightened to say something for fear of being labelled a racist.

But where do we draw the line? Surely this whole media storm has diverted attention away from what was actually important.

Cumberbatch was calling for better opportunities in Hollywood for black people.

Surely nobody can argue with that. But now the only thing people will remember about the whole episode is the one word he used that wasn’t deemed to be politically correct.

Let’s be clear here. Cumberbatch was speaking up on behalf of black actors. The point he was making was a valid one. Yet he has ended up at the centre of the story rather than the issue.

It really makes me wonder whether, as a society, we’ve actually progressed.

We’re human beings and we say the wrong things sometimes, even when our intentions are good.

How about everybody just gets over it and moves on?

For goodness sake people, grow up! All you’re doing is adding fuel to a fire when there was only a flicker there in the first place.