This mother superior has hardly been a classy role model, folks

COMMENT: A great way to inspire and influence new generation

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It’s known as ‘hate bait’ when a TV programme interviews controversial guests to whip up their captive audience into a frenzy of righteous indignation.

For example folks, how many of you, like me, really do not want to watch The Jeremy Kyle Show, but just can’t resist tuning into shout at the ‘love rat’ boyfriend, or his ‘I just loves ‘im’, girlfriend.

But most of Jez’s lamebrain guests probably have-n’t had the education or the opportunities in life that Katie Hopkins has.

So when former Apprentice star Ms Hopkins, appeared on ITV’s This Morning last week, and broadcast she would not allow her children, Poppy, India, and Maximillian, to mix with children with names like Chantelle, Charmaine, Chardonnay, and Tyler, presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby looked surprised.

Poppycock. In my opinion, it’s all so orchestrated darlings. After all, it is an entertainment show.

I’ve interviewed on both radio and TV, and if I was researching a guest, I had to know the ins and outs of a duck’s derriere about them.

Motormouth Hopkins revelled in her rationale that children with certain names would be a disruptive influence on her children.

When she hears names like Tyler, Chantelle etc, it gives her a short-cut assessment of what type of lower- class child they will be.

Oh what a snotty-nosed, up her own bottette, publicity hungry bat Ms Hopkins is.

Can you really tell a child’s personality by their name?

You’ve got Katie (Price) flashing her bazoompahs in public and earning loadsa dosh.

Then there’s Katie (Hopkins) flashing her bits in public when having alfresco sex in a field with a male married former colleague (2007).

Good role model Katie. Very upmarket love.

I was thinking if Ms Hopkins had ben introduced to me as a kiddiwink – Heather, privately-educated – she may well have approved of me as a pal for her children.

Except under my cherubic cheeks was a mischievous monkey.

I had many a trip to the Mother Superior’s office to be punished for yet another prank I’d got the other pupils into. I’m bad!