This one could run and run

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So Sheridan Smith has been nominated for a TV Bafta for her portrayal of Cilla Black – a year after Cilla herself was honoured at the awards.

On that basis, if she wins it’s a stone cold certainty that ITV will commission a drama-documentary about the life of Sheridan Smith.

And whoever gets to play her will probably end up being nominated for a Bafta too! This could run and run.

Can anyone tell me why the newsreaders’ desk on ITV’s News At Ten so big? Check it out next time you watch the programme. It’s just giant-sized.

I wouldn’t mind if they had loads of papers on it, but it’s bare because they read everything off an autocue.

I keep thinking that maybe it’s so big in case a massive breaking news story occurs and they have to hand Mark Austin and Julie Etchingham a massive piece of paper with the breaking story details written on it in a very large font because their eyesight is so bad.

Maybe they use it to host a large dinner party for the crew after each broadcast

Or maybe they use it to host a large dinner party for the crew after each broadcast? Because you could fit about 20 people round it!

It seems so unfair when a lot of the BBC newsreaders have to stand up to read bulletins now and don’t even have a desk.

The best thing about it being past Easter now is that you start hearing the ice cream van and its music again. But one thing confuses me about ice cream van music.

Apparently Greensleeves is the most popular tune. What the heck has a tune composed by Henry VIII got to do with ice cream?

Did Henry VIII like ice cream? I suspect no as it wasn’t around when he was alive!

Do the lyrics have anything to do with ice cream? No. They are supposedly about his second wife, Anne Boleyn, who he had beheaded. 

So ice cream vans are playing a tune about an ex-Tudor Queen who had her head chopped off!