This sounds like a really cool way to lose weight – sign me up now

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First of all, a happy new year to you all. I hope 2013 brings you wealth, health and happiness.

Most of us, I expect, indulged a little over Christmas and the new year. But it might be surprising to hear the average person could have eaten a staggering 12,000 calories on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

That’s over three times the recommended intake. And after the dust has settled on 2012 you might not realise the Olympic lengths we need to go to compensate for our Christmas pig-out.

We’ll have to exercise like an Olympic champion to burn off those calories. It would take gold medal-winning cyclist Victoria Pendleton 4,354 laps of the Olympic Velodrome to burn off the 6,000 calories we ate on Christmas Day.

And cycling hero Bradley Wiggins would have to ride 82 miles to burn off the 1,500 calories found in an average Christmas dinner alone. I don’t think anyone who has the ability to eat that much would be bothered about exercise anyway!

So how are we going to shift the extra pounds? Well there’s a new alternative to liposuction that gets rid of fat by freezing and it is on trial in the UK.

It’s called Cool Sculpting. The good news is it doesn’t involve needles or knives.

This sounds like I’ve died and gone to heaven after the amount of turkey and Christmas pud I’ve shoved down my neck.

Apparently fat cells are vulnerable to cold, so temperatures that don’t damage skin or muscle can freeze them.

Excuse me while I go and sit in snow! So the experts have developed a machine to do just that. Freeze them to death!

Initial tests show that after one procedure, people lost between 10 and 37 per cent of the fat in the treated areas. Where do I sign up?