This technonerdess has just wasted one-and-a-half hours

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On Tuesday morning I discovered places I never dreamt I would – and with three different fellas dear.

I’m a total technonerdess, even with my Age UK computer classes with the simply charming and oh-so- patient Dan.

He gave me a few ideas to get my laptop working. But no. So I had to contact Virgin Media.

It must have been around 10am when I got through to Virgin broadband/wireless support.

Phone operative Isaac 
assured me: ‘No problem Miss James, we will get you connected.’

Hey, I feel happy.

Except he wants me to connect the wireless hub to my laptop with my old blue broadband lead.

Is he joking?

So I’m grovelling around on my hands and knees in and out of cupboards trying to find it.

Nightmare! Anyway I get it all attached.

Isaac is chirpy and conf-ident, so off we go, him in 
India, and me in not-so-sunny Southsea.

Remember folks, all I can do is e-mail and Google.

But Isaac has me left clicking and right clicking settings, searches and control panels.

I’m quite enjoying this 
adventure into the inner workings of my laptop.

After all, any minute now I’m going to be connected.

No. Isaac gives up, and I get passed to Zachary.

The line is crackly now, so it’s hard to hear Zachary’s instructions.

It’s no longer an adventure now.

I’m about 40 minutes in and I’m going braindead.

He then says I have to pay £30 to be passed to another technician. Aargh.

I have to say yes.

Seven-minute wait and Joseph arrives and off we go again.

11.17am: Joseph gives up, and I’m waiting for technician number four .

11.25am: Lorna comes on the phone, ‘ Miss James, just to let you know area 20, your broadband area, is down.’

Mega aaarggh!

One-and-a-half hours of my life wasted on a nightmare call to India, and the broadband is down.

I’m speechless. Yeah right.

Customer complaint going to Virgin Media.