This week’s hot issue: should they have split the curry bill?

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My friend got really upset recently about going with his partner to dinner on a Saturday night at a friend’s house.

Here’s why.

When they go over to a friend’s house for a meal, he and his partner take beer, wine and flowers and possibly chocolates, to show their appreciation and to cover the fact that the couple they’re visiting are paying for all the meal’s ingredients.

But my mate and his partner went to some friends recently for dinner and took wine, beer, flowers and chocolates, and when they arrived they were told they were just going to be getting a chuck-out from the local curry house.

Now, this didn’t annoy my mate, because he likes curry.

But when the meal had been ordered from the 
takeaway, his friend said: ‘We’ll work out what we’ve all ordered and split the cost.’

Now, what my mate is thinking is ‘if I’d come round and you’d cooked a meal, you would have paid for all the food, which is why I’ve brought the booze,
 flowers and chocolates.

‘But, if we’re having a takeaway and I’ve still brought all these things round, shouldn’t YOU be paying for all the takeaway food?’

Anyway, he’s paid out for half the food, and now he’s feeling gutted because he paid for all the booze and flowers and chocolates that were left at his mate’s at the end of the evening.

So, I’m just wondering, is he right to be annoyed?

Or is he just being mean?

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