Those crazy days of summer

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This week thousands of young people are preparing for the start of their summer holidays. Many will go away, others will remain in the city.

Now I have reached the end of my current course, I am about to embark on a new chapter in my life, working full time.

So for me those long six-week breaks are a thing of the past.

Instead, I shall be working each week doing what I love.

But for those lucky enough to still have those long holidays I thought I ought to give you some tips and ideas about the fun stuff to do.

Firstly, I find that sharing with others the details of past academic year has been is imperative.

Venting your thoughts and opinions to those around you can be incredibly healthy, as long as it doesn’t mentally affect them.

It’s brilliant to embrace the positive things that have taken place, celebrating how they have developed you as a person.

I remember the discos when I was at infant school: they were always so hyped up and presented as an opportunity to celebrate your past year. And we did.

Secondly, get outdoors. It may sound patronising to encourage you to spend time in the open, but there are so many young people who absorb themselves in front of a computer screen, missing many opportunities for fresh air.

It is a shame that there are hundreds, potentially thousands, who’d prefer to game rather than take part in activities outside.

Think ahead about the kind of things you could do. Football, tennis, camping, walking, the list is endless.

Thirdly, I find that exploring new things is incredibly beneficial; it opens your mind to so much more and fires your imagination. Regardless of your age, it is really great to pick up something unusual and really understand it.

There’s certainly something satisfying about tackling something new. I also believe that doing something which isn’t the norm refreshes the mind and distracts it from all the other responsibility surrounding you.

Then, once you return to studies with a clear and revitalised mind, you’ll excel so much more.

Remember that the summer you will have is your summer and is down to you to make it as productive and pro-active as possible. If you chose to sit around and waste it, avoiding all opportunity to do something great, then that’s fine. But I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. I’d really like to encourage you to find new ways to enjoy yourself.

Wherever you may be at and whatever your plans, have a blast and make this your best summer.