Those gnashers are a bit deadly

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I’m constantly amazed by a child’s ability to adapt to tricky situations.

Little Jack is just one year old and is now the proud owner of four teeth.

After spending the last year grinding his food down with his gums, he’s now getting to grips with his new pearly white gnashers.

He’s formed a brand new technique for chomping, it’s almost a gnawing action, similar to that of a beaver.

Particularly with tougher foods like carrots, he’ll set to work with his teeth, almost chiselling away.

He loves them too – he’s got a lovely beaming smile and seems to be proud of his new fixtures.

In fairness, if I was struggling with a banana a couple of months ago and now I could eat sticks, I’d also be over the moon.

There is one slight draw back. The days of inserting a Bonjela covered fingered to help relieve his teething pain are over.

Sadly, my tetanus isn’t up to date.