Those red carpet interviewers are the ultimate party poopers

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One thing that annoyed me about the Oscars coverage earlier in the week was the fact that the TV reporters insisted on interviewing all the stars on the red carpet as they went into the venue.

How annoying must that have been for the stars?

That’s the equivalent of us walking into a pub on a Friday night and having a complete stranger stopping us for a long chat.

How would you like it if you were on your way to a really good night out and just before you got there some no-mark with a microphone started asking you a load of questions?

You’d tell them where to go, wouldn’t you? This is the biggest night of these stars’ careers. They’re desperate to go inside, lap up the free booze, get their goody bags and watch the show

All these red carpet interviewers do is try to stop them. No wonder their smiles always look so fake!

According to a new report, nearly one in five workers expects to turn to their children to help make ends meet during retirement.

Here are the top three ways pensioners are able to get money out of their grown-up children:

1. Claim that all the pocket money they gave them years back was just a loan charged at 15 per cent interest.

2. Threaten to leave them out of the will unless they hand over some cash.

3. Charge them for all the unpaid babysitting.

Why are some people so impressed by a heated towel rail? It’s just a bathroom radiator with delusions of grandeur.

Well I’m sick of it. My bathroom radiator is just as good as a heated towel rail. I’m going to start calling it a ‘heated towel block’, just so it doesn’t feel left out.

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