Thrill of riding a Chopper has lost its allure for today’s kids

Home closure will give residents some respite

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This week a semi-frozen tear crept down my crumpled chamois leather-like face. My daughter Molly took my Raleigh Chopper out for a burn-up in our street.

The thrill and bewilderment on her little face as she gently slid the Sturmey Archer gear from first to second was the same as mine in 1980. I’ll never forget cruising down Cedar Grove hurtling towards my dad. I felt free, liberated, I felt like I was flying.

Excitedly I embraced Molly in my arms and squeezed her for emotion. Did she feel the same? Did the little Raleigh phoenix logo spark a fire within her soul too? ‘I’m a bit cold dad. Where’s my Nintendo DS?’

Luckily, I only have to wait five years for Jack to witness the miracle.