Time that we had our own version of ‘dinner in white’

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I heard about the concept of ‘dinner in white’ this week and am really taken with it.

Apparently, people in Paris gather once a year to dress in white and have dinner at a location that is only revealed 15 minutes in advance.

It’s like the grown-up version of the rave culture, but a lot more sophisticated with no banging beats, and, I assume, no nefarious drug dealers handing out the latest smiley face-emblazoned pill.

But it’s not an ordinary dinner. It’s an invite-only event – around 12,000 attend I believe – and people board buses and set off for the big rendezvous.

They take their own tables and chairs, tablecloths and cutlery, decorations and, of course, gourmet food.

Then they get on and eat, in public places. As it’s Paris, it appears that good weather happens magically too.

But the beauty of this whole thing is that it’s not ‘cleared’ by anyone.

There are no permits and people attend with the knowledge that they may be arrested.

The power is in the size and the orderliness of the group.

They get there – whether it’s at the base of the Eiffel Tower or outside the Louvre or Notre Dame – they set up, they eat and then they’re all gone by midnight.

How cool is that?

Now I understand the phenomenon has spread to other cities and countries as well. Warm places mainly.

I’m so taken with the concept of people coming together in this way, to have dinner where they choose.

Yes, it must be a nightmare for the authorities, and a pain for people in traffic affected by the mass dinner.

But what absolute fun it must be to be invited and take part, providing a real break from the same-old, same-old of everyday life.

Is this something that we could adopt in the Portsmouth area?

A dinner in white – with see-through plastic rain ponchos of course – to take place in Guildhall Square, or on Southsea Common, or all along the Millennium walkway.

Think about it. Wouldn’t that be such a lot of fun? Especially if someone else did all the organising and then sent me an invite.