Time to ditch that grizzly bear act and be like Adam

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LESLEY KEATING: A white-knuckle pursuit ending with a lesson in trust

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I hate February with a passion.

It is too cold, too dark, no-one has any money and everyone’s bored of not seeing the sun for days on end.

February makes me want to hibernate; to spend days on the sofa cuddling the cat, eating chocolate and generally not doing very much.

It is very easy to waste your life in February, just waiting for the daffodils of March to herald the beginning of better, brighter things.

But this year I’m going to ditch the grizzly bear act and instead take a leaf out of my friend Adam’s book.

He was made redundant on January 3 from a job he loved, was passionate about, and was good at.

But rather than spending the whole of last month playing his Xbox constantly whilst morphing into Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances, Adam has been busier than ever.

You see, he doesn’t know what he wants to do for a living.

Should he apply for jobs just like the one he lost, and get a regular income?

Or should he follow his passions and try make a living out of travel and photography? He is not, however, doing an impression of Rodin’s statue while he thinks about it.

Instead he has spent the past 30 days completing a challenge he set himself.

It sounds simple: to finally sort through hundreds of pictures, get them professionally printed, and mount them on a white wall in his living room.

Simple? What with writing business proposals, having meetings, forging contacts and links, picking up the odd bit of work here and there and – most importantly – helping me move house, some days he could only spend 10 minutes doing it.

But the point is he made the time to do it and he, unlike me, now doesn’t have a pile of unfiled photos.

This week I also met former Dragon’s Den star Doug Richard, who explained in a Californian drawl dipped in sunshine what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Bravery, embracing uncertainty, and knowledge seem to be the answers.

As well as being the kind of person who doesn’t hibernate in February, I’m guessing. Thank you, Doug and Adam. My lesson has been learned.