Time to protest about the lack of customer service

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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I’m not normally one to moan. Honestly, I’m not. Well okay then, just a little but not usually in this column where I prefer to discuss and share happy news.

Yet something has really been bothering me lately and I feel I need to vent.

The subject is customer service, or the lack of it, in this country. I think it’s time to stand up and protest.

Now I’m not going to do anything too major, like start a campaign or names on a petition.

Quite honestly, I’ve got more than enough stress and distractions in my life already.

But customer service in this country stinks and it needs to be addressed locally and nationally.

What’s got me all worked up? Ending up with grey/dull hair after a trip to the hair salon and getting some very poor customer service from said salon.

I’d refused to pay as my hair was so bad. But the manager called me up the other day to request payment.

When I questioned what on earth she was going on about, protesting that my hair had been left a horrible grey colour, she told me it was their ‘policy’ to request payment before sorting out any issues or problems for customers.

So I then rang the head office of the company, only to get some stroppy jobs-worth who gave me the same story in her ‘we could help but we don’t really want to’ manner.

By now I was really fired up. So I decided to write a three-page letter to the director of the company.

Guess what? So far I haven’t heard a peep back. Once upon a time service in this country was polite and helpful. The customer came first.

These days companies hide behind fancy policies and legal jargon and, quite honestly, don’t care about the customer any more.

If we put up with the way we’re being treated, it’ll just continue. We have to show we won’t take it any more.

My annoyance was made even worse because my executive producer in LA now wants me to hop on a plane and go visit her.

Lovely! The land of perfect images is exactly where I want to be with grey hair – not.