Time to reach for those cheesy stars and boogie one last time

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Reach for the Stars and I don’t just mean with your dreams. Nineties pop group, S Club 7 are reuniting – how excited are you? Come on, you can tell your Auntie Cheryl. You’re thrilled aren’t you?

But you’d better make the most of it because apparently S Club are only getting back together for Children In Need. Ah, what a shame.

I’m not going to lie – when in a cheesy club if one of their songs comes up I do like a good old boogie.

And I know a few of them quite well having interviewed them a fair amount. Also, Jon Lee is the brother of one of my close friends so I’ve spent time with him and we filmed a trailer together once for a new travel show.

He’s got a cracking personality and I wish them all the best.