Time to stop playing ‘chicken’ and face ‘boiler dread’ instead

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Just wondering, is anyone still playing ‘central heating chicken?’.

Basically, you hang on and try to be the last person you know to put your central heating on for the autumn.

If you want to win, it will probably mean you’ll be sat in your front room in four weeks’ time, wrapped in about four jumpers and a duvet with a mug of cocoa in your hands.

And the winner gets a tremendous cash prize; all of the money you save from not putting the heating on for a few weeks, which is a lot of money when you consider what those robbing energy companies are charging us!

If you haven’t been playing ‘central heating chicken’ and you’ve put your heating on, did you get what I call ‘central heating dread’?

It’s that feeling you get just before switching the central heating to ‘on’ after a few months without it.

Basically, you’re sure that after all that time lying idle, your boiler isn’t going to come on when you flick the switch.

Something will have gone wrong with it, and it’ll mean calling out a central heating engineer, which will be expensive, or even replacing the boiler and that’ll be a nightmare.

It’s worth getting it over with now if you haven’t already.

At least this way you can survive for the month it’s going to take the engineer to come round and fix it if something has gone wrong.

According to a new poll, 90 per cent of pet owners think of their animal as part of the family.

I find that very strange. Because if you think about it, most people talk to their pets and show them love and respect without expecting anything in return. So, how is that like most families?

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