Time to twin your toilet and help ladies of central Africa

COMMENT: University has to prove it offers value for money

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Cover your ears chaps, but it is apparently true that the Queen, and even Pippa Middleton, occasionally go to the loo.

In fact none of the fairer sex is safe from the call of nature, though to ladies in Sub-Saharan refugee camps it is more problematic than most. For them, heading for the bushes entails the risk of sexual assault.

That’s why Tearfund has started a toilet twinning scheme whereby, for £60, you can twin your smallest room with a new khazi in central Africa.

So next time you pass one of those twinning signs at the entrance to a town or village, picture your very own lavatory inexorably linked with a long drop in the Veldt.

The relief of a familiar loo seat can now be compounded by the warm glow of charity.