Tinder, Bumble and Match online dating escapades are a real eye-opener: OPINION

It really is the weirdest thing, reading a book written by a good friend which details the pitfalls of online dating. This is exactly what is happening right now, as I read The Man Detox written by my friend Verity Geere.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 5:03 pm
Rick Jackson has never had to swipe right or left on an internet dating app. Shutterstock

She has changed people’s names to protect the not-so-innocent, but it’s a frank, detailed, sometimes graphic look at her life in the swipe left, swipe right world that many singletons now live in. 

I met my wife Sarah just as internet dating was taking off, so have no experience of it, but reading Verity’s book has been enlightening.

I always felt online dating was rather vacuous. You look at a photo of someone, probably the best one they have.

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If you look past that, you see a write-up on their likes and dislikes. 

But is that so different to the good old days where you would see someone you thought was attractive, then summon up the courage to talk to them?

Online dating surely breaks the ice much better than ‘can I buy you a drink, sweetheart?’ or any other corny chat-up line that’s been tried over several millennia.

Verity found the whole thing very amusing. Men’s behaviour for one – and how they feel is an acceptable way to act.

One had a clipboard with a checklist, another compared her to a used car, and one talked so much he spat most of his dinner over her.

It all adds up to 15 years of experience in the online dating game.

Her book launch was held in a private members club in Berkeley Square, London.

It was a swanky affair where media types rubbed shoulders with writers, publishers and sports people.

I think Verity is very brave writing such a warts-and-all book about her love life and the people she has met over the years.

Especially when attending the launch of said book was her new boyfriend!

He’s the first one she’s had since I’ve known her.

It takes a special type of person to be in a room filled with people celebrating a book your girlfriend has written about all her past trysts. 

I’m sure the free gin on tap helped. 

Will bathing and putting the kids to bed get any easier? 

As I type these words downstairs, I can hear the carnage of bath and bedtime upstairs and I have a very big grin on my face. 

It a tough job, not only getting a five and three-year-old to go upstairs in the first place, but getting them undressed, onto the toilet, into the bath then dried, pyjamas on and then story.

I can hear Paw Patrol being sung very loudly, splashing water, screaming, ‘Freddie hit me!’, ‘no I didn’t!’

It’s all in an evening’s fun at the Jackson house. I’m sure eventually we will look on these times with much fondness. 

But at the moment, Sarah is counting the days.

Must dash, I’ve just heard a loud crash and I think it might be my wife’s sanity. 

Strictly almost tricked us into getting cosy for the winter

I blame Strictly Come Dancing. I’d far from given up on summer, but after it returned to our screens on Saturday, I’ve started looking forward to the evenings drawing in, lighting the fire and cosying up on the sofa.

I’ve even considered bringing down the jumpers and putting the T-shirts away.

Before you know it, X Factor and I’m A Celebrity will be back and then it’s Christmas.

Then again, I’ve just looked at this weekend’s forecast. Think I’ll leave the woollens in the loft for just a little longer. 

The fire can stay covered in dust and the barbecue gas can be connected up again.

I was ready to give up on summer, but it’s not ready to give up on us.