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Ihate to sound like a Grinch, especially as someone who loves Christmas and considers it the best time of the year, but there is one job in December that is becoming less of an enjoyable experience and more of a tiresome chore. I’m talking about putting up the Christmas decorations.

I think there are three types of people when it comes to this subject.

Those who like to get the tinsel, fairy lights and snow globes out as soon as the Christmas adverts appear on television, usually at the beginning of November.

Then you have the people who wait until the month begins with a D before a corner of the room is designated for the Christmas tree.

But there are many who will put up their Christmas decorations on Christmas Eve and take them down on Boxing day.

Out of those three descriptions I always fitted into the first.

Historically, my living room has always been transformed into a Christmassy winter wonderland when the month begins with an N.

As soon as the Christmas lights in the shopping areas of Portsmouth have their Christmas lights turned on, that means my Christmas lights can also be illuminated.

But this year it’s been a completely different story.

December 1 arrived and my living room was still looking the same as it had all year with not a piece of tinsel in sight.

You see, over the years I’ve collected quite a large range of Christmas decorations, so many that I could probably set up my own little Christmas shop.

So, nowadays getting all those boxes down from the loft is a big job and this year it has been done in stages.

First were the ceiling decorations – well, once I’d found which box they were in.

Why on earth didn’t I label the boxes last year?

I managed to do it all while the girls were in bed and when they woke the next morning they loved what they saw.

However, they noticed instantly there was something missing – the Christmas tree.

So that was the next job and this time I had a little three-year-old helper who assisted me in hanging the decorations on each branch.

Just imagine the most impressive Christmas tree you’ve ever seen.

It stands elegantly looking classic and exquisite with all the decorations and lights spaced evenly. It’s the king of all Christmas trees.

Well, ours looked the complete opposite.

But there was one job left and that was to put on the chocolate decorations and I’ve learnt my lesson from last year.

They’ve been put on the top half of the tree away from little hands.