Too many people think they can take what they want

Staff Maggi Hardcastle, Amanda Mahoney, Tracey Jeffery and Doug Bowen outside the Living Well Centre
Staff Maggi Hardcastle, Amanda Mahoney, Tracey Jeffery and Doug Bowen outside the Living Well Centre
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There’s an old Indian proverb that goes: ‘A thief is a thief, whether he steals a diamond or a cucumber.’

Whilst I can see the sentiment here and without wanting to condone any stealing, some thefts can be seen as more palatable than others.

Someone taking a block of cheese and a packet of batteries from Aldi will raise fewer eyebrows than thieving lead from the roof of a hospice, for example.

This is exactly what has happened to The Rowans Hospice’s newly-opened Living Well Centre.

Many people in this area will have known someone who has had to use the Rowans at some point.

Whilst the reason for being there is upsetting, there is a comfort in knowing that your loved one is treated with dignity and respect.

So someone going out and stealing the lead off one of their buildings is disgusting.

Some people really do have no shame. I hope they never have to use the Rowans’ services themselves.

These days there are too many people in society who think they can take what they want. A prime example of this is the men caught stealing from the memorial in Manchester.

Apparently they didn’t know why the memorial was there. Terrible liars and thieves.

Seems they just thought the flowers were very nice, so took them.

Well I think my neighbour’s Koi carp are very nice, but it doesn’t mean I’m planning to slip over the fence in the dead of night with a giant net.

There are people who actually excuse the thieves’ behaviour by saying the toys that were taken were going to be thrown out afterwards anyway.

I’d imagine they’ll probably end up at a children’s hospital or be given to disadvantaged children somewhere.

And saying the thieves could be poor is no excuse either. With that sort of thinking, you could help yourself to anything if you couldn’t afford it.

Stealing has happened since the dawn of time and will continue until the end of days. But that’s no comfort to someone who’s grafted all week only to find his tools have been stolen.


We’ve had a bit of sun and so the annual warning of an invading species of insect soon to reach our shores is appearing in the media.

This year we’re expecting to be plagued by swarms of German superwasps.

Apparently the invading Luftwaspa like to sting people for no reason.

They sound a lot like our wasps, if you ask me.

They can be recognised by the three black spots on their faces, but somehow I don’t think I’ll be getting close enough to find out what type of wasp they are.

I tell you something though.

Brexit can’t come soon enough if an invasion of German superwasps is the result of our open doors policy!


The other morning I woke up with blurry eyes. I thought that after a shower it would improve, but it got worse.

For the rest of the day it carried on. A headache and nausea crept in and I took myself off to bed whilst the Mrs was on Google looking up worst case scenarios.

After an hour or so, I dragged myself out of bed and took at look at my eyes in the mirror.

Then I realised, much to my embarrassment, that I had actually slept in my contact lenses, woke up and then put another pair in after my shower!

How I got about all day with two pairs of lenses, I don’t know.

Sadly I realised my mistake in time for Britain’s Got Talent and could see that perfectly.