Too many trees for my daughter

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Zella had a fantastic day at Titchfield Haven and wonders what other local gems she's overlooked      Picture: Gary Taw

ZELLA COMPTON: Looking afresh at our beautiful spot in the world

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I’ve come to realise that just because I enjoy something, it doesn’t necessarily mean my daughters will enjoy it too.

Recently we decided to get into the car, with a picnic in the boot and make our way up the A3 to Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

It’s Hampshire’s biggest country park with over 2,000 acres of open woodland and has been called an area of outstanding beauty with more than 20 miles of trails, a paradise of wildlife and beautiful views.

But while we were walking through the stunning woodland with nothing but trees surrounding us and feeling relaxed, all that beauty came to a sudden stop when my daughter Caitlin had a massive tantrum.

She was bored because, in her words, ‘it’s just trees, trees and trees’.

It’s the one place where a public tantrum didn’t raise my stress levels with no-one else in sight or ear shot.

Anyway, Caitlin was proved wrong when we stumbled upon a park.

I didn’t tell her but I think the slide and climbing frame were all made out of trees.