Too much ego can get you in a whole heap of trouble

Dame Vivienne Westwood's global empire has come under fire for saving money by hiring unpaid interns. Picture: Yui Mok/PA Wire

LESLEY KEATING: You can be paid way beyond financially as an intern

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A friend of mine is currently under house arrest, laid up after a boringly invasive operation to get rid of some pesky cancer.

Moving is difficult for him, so a bunch of his mates have been visiting when possible if only just to make him a cuppa and fill him in on the gossip.

Happily, it was my turn for tea duty recently and, as we were chatting the afternoon away, our conversation turned, as it often does, to music.

Specifically, we were talking about a ’90s rock group called The Wildhearts, one of my pal’s favourites, and a band I had a passing liking for in between spending my time shoegazing to the strains of Blur and Pulp.

They were (and are) a band with a massively loyal following, but they have a somewhat turbulent history.

That got us on to the question of ego, and how much of a rush it must be to have a song you wrote sung back to you by hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

We spoke about Marilyn Manson, whose autobiography is a shocking tale of abuse and of a legion of female fans who would do almost anything – literally –- to be close to the band’s frontman.

That, of course, brought our conversation to Ian Watkins, the former frontman of Welsh band Lostprophets who has been jailed for child abuse of the basest kind.

Ego, it appears, has a lot to answer for. In days of yore the court jester was the only person to have the ear of the king without risk of being murdered for what they said.

These days, it appears, the entertainers are the kings.

Or at least that’s what they believe.

Justin Bieber, the 19-year-old global pop star, has taken ego to another level, nurturing and perpetuating his ego with a legion of ‘Beliebers’. Messiah complex, anyone?

Now he’s been arrested and charged with drag racing a Lamborghini in Miami, driving under the influence and resisting arrest. And in his mugshot? He’s grinning, clearly pleased with himself.

Bieber’s ego has already made him think he’s invincible, from arriving on stage hours late regardless of his fan bases’s young age, to this latest episode.

I have a feeling his ego will keep getting him into trouble.