Tools have changed but our trade is the same

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I was asked recently to answer a few questions for a profile piece for our company’s internal website, which, despite some recalcitrance, had me confessing to a liking for dancing and good fresh food (although not usually at the same time).

It also led me to reflect on the incredible changes in our industry since I joined The News as a trainee reporter 30-plus years ago.

It’s hard now to believe, for example, that as we prepared 17 years ago to mark the 50th anniversary of D-Day, we paid to have an extension of a French cottage converted into a photographic darkroom, having narrowly decided against using pigeons to swiftly send pictures of the commemorations back to Blighty!

Around the same time, our first mobile phones were purchased – so bulky that one reporter went sick after straining her back carrying one up a flight of stairs!

Times change indeed, and the equipment we have now would be the envy of any journalist of yesteryear.

But put all that aside and the job’s still the same – to provide the best-possible daily mix of news and views from the Portsmouth area.