Toy phone isn’t the real deal

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You know that feeling that you get when your car is in the garage for its yearly MOT?

It’s that lost feeling when you have to use a bus or taxi to get from A to B – or, even worse, walk.

Well that’s the feeling I get when I’m without my mobile phone.

Mobile phones are not just for calling these days.

Mine has my calendar on it; it’s where I read every email that arrives in my inbox; it has a sat-nav if I get lost in my car; it’s a camera and camcorder… basically it does everything.

That’s why I feel slightly nervous when it’s in the hands of my two-year-old, Caitlin.

So we decided to buy her a fake toy phone from the £1 shop.

She can’t play games on it but she enjoys having pretend conversations.

To my surprise, even toy phones are keeping up with the latest pretend technology.

It has a button on it that makes the sound of a camera shutter.

Although, when Caitlin asked to see the photo she’d just taken on her toy phone, I quickly changed the subject.