Toys are me – a day in paradise

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For children a toy shop isn’t just a shop, it’s an experience. Sometimes it can almost feel like a day out.

If you’ve ever been to the famous Hamleys toy store in Regent Street, London, you’ll know it has got the concept spot on. It’s like a paradise for children with toys of all kinds for all ages.

And you don’t just look at the toys – you get to play with them too with a demonstration on every corner and at every turn.

When I noticed that the Toys R Us store in Portsmouth was having a re-fit I was looking forward to the result. I actually liked the shop the way it was. It was no Hamleys, but it felt big with many aisles and you’d have to stretch your neck to look at the top shelves.

With the new open-plan look, the many aisles and high shelves have gone.

But the main ingredient is still there, lots of toys. And it’s great to see the company is now competing with online stores on price, hopefully meaning the children of Portsmouth will have a large toy shop to enjoy for a long time.