Tragedies seem more poignant because of when they happen

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I think it would be wrong to talk of honours and resolutions without tempering the joyful aspect of a new year with a bit of reflection.

There seem to have been a host of tragedies across the globe during the festive period – the Air Asia crash, for example, and the people who died in the crush in Shanghai during China’s new year celebrations.

Locally, too, there have been fatal fires and collisions and, I’m sure, individual family tragedies that are not publicised but which are nevertheless just as keenly felt.

I don’t really want to get too sombre, but I thought it important to note these events which seem all the more poignant because they happen at a time when people should be celebrating, not mourning.

So my thoughts, this January, go to families and friends who might be struggling with sudden loss or dealing with bereavement at this time of year.