Transparent body is needed to restore football’s image

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Isn’t it rather embarrassing to the rest of the football-loving world that it took America to get involved for action to finally be taken against Fifa?

After he was incredibly re-elected for a fifth term at the helm of this discredited organisation, Sepp Blatter has now done the right thing and resigned.

Blatter may have resigned, but what is worrying is that Fifa voted him back in and actually wanted him to stay

To my mind, there was no way he could have continued.

I cannot think of any other organisation, business or government that wouldn’t see its leader fall on their sword after so many revelations.

So why didn’t European governments and their forces act? The amount of evidence that has been floating around for years would have given them good reason to.

How often have you read stories about alleged corruption within Fifa? Yet what have we as a nation done about it? Very little, it seems.

It was the CIA who finally pounced and boy, did they.

Blatter’s re-election mostly came down to his popularity outside of Europe. Before, Fifa ignored continents such as Africa and Asia. Not any more.

Maybe he really hasn’t been aware of what’s reportedly been going on under his nose, as he claims.

Well if that’s so, it makes Blatter incompetent. Another good reason to resign.

Fifa has become a comfy old boys’ club, a clique and, without a shadow of a doubt, the English haven’t been welcome.

After missing out on hosting the World Cup twice, could the rest of the world see the ‘noise’ from our FA and press as sour grapes?

Maybe this is why there isn’t unity in Europe.

If the scandal of Blatter’s re-election wasn’t bad enough, France and Spain voted for him. Particularly embarrassing to Uefa’s French president Michel Platini.

Blatter may have resigned, but what is worrying is that Fifa voted him back in and actually wanted him to stay.

The whole organisation needs to be ripped up and a new, transparent, positive governing body should then rise from the ashes of this disgraced authority.

Only then will football’s image be restored.