True happiness can only be found with one, not 1,000

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A bit of mental arithmetic was needed after I saw that Coronation Street actor Bill Roache had talked about having 1,000 lovers.

How did he have time to learn any of his lines back in the 1960s and 1970s?

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that the seemingly mild-mannered man behind the character of Ken Barlow had actually been a prolific Lothario in his day.

Bill reportedly admitted to Piers Morgan in their recent interview that he regularly cheated on his first wife, but remained loyal to his second wife who he married in 1978.

Still, Bill is way off Warren Beattie’s total. He has apparently admitted to 12,000 lovers. But what I want to know is how did he keep count?

His bedposts must have looked like they had chronic woodworm with all those notches.

But seriously, I reckon that behind all this talk of multiple conquests are men who have been clearly unhappy with their lives, never able to find contentment.

I’ve always been very traditional in my approach to the opposite sex. But I admit I used to be envious of friends who would go out ‘on the pull’ and have great success.

I have friends who would chat up several women and would see the night as a failure if they ended up going home alone.

But I now look upon these friends, who in their time would have given Bill Roache a run for his money, in a very different light.

Have they found happiness? No. Finding ‘the one’ has been nigh on impossible for them. Either they get bored or they’ve ended up with someone who has a similar outlook and who has got bored with them.

Men with many conquests seem to be put on pedestals. They are studs, men who are dangerous to entrust your heart to. But some women are tempted by this.

But I ask you. Are Lotharios truly happy? Is Bill proud of his past? Is Warren respected or loved by any of his many past conquests? Just ask Carly Simon the answer to that one. In truth, real happiness can only be found with the ‘one’, not the 1,000 or 12,000.