Trust the kids to tell it as it is

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RICK JACKSON: Girl power rules – at the age of two

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You can say what you like about kids and their pesky little ways, but their honesty is to be admired.

Whilst we tip-toe around our family and peers, trying not to saying something that could be construed as upsetting or harsh, children will tell it to you straight.

My kids were kind enough to be honest with me recently.

During a jump around on the trampoline, Molly asked why her teeth were white and mine were yellow.

With my ego already bent over double and slightly gasping, little Jack moved in for the final blow.

As I was lying on my back, Jack placed the largest of his stacking rings on my nose.

Ha ha. It seemed quite funny at first.

But then he placed another on top of that and then a third.

It was at that moment that the tears of laughter morphed into streams of self-conscious anxiety.

On a positive note – not many people can say they’ve had their conk turned into a children’s game.